April 27, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to evaluate our company?

Initially nothing!! We will do a preliminary analysis, free of charge, and perform an initial evaluation of your facility to lower energy costs. We will place your unique parameters into our modeling software to obtain an initial estimate of potential energy cost savings. This will give you the ability to determine if an energy cost savings project will meet your expectations.

Our next step is to complete a detailed engineering design. This phase is called ‘Audit Phase’. There is a small fee for this step. Most of these fees are third party fees to cover auditing and renting sophisticated measurement meters for power quality. The cost depends on your facility. Typically it would be less than average monthly energy bill.

Please see ‘What We Do‘ for more information.

What technologies do you use to lower energy costs?

We design our complete systems using different technologies. What type of technology we select depends on your facility’s environment. We are continuously adding newer technologies to our solution portfolio. Based on our design and risk-tolerance, we recommend technologies that improve efficiency for thermal envelope, equipment, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and lighting. After our ‘Measure’ phase we will know which technologies will be optimal for your facility.

In what types of industries have you installed your energy savings products?

All types! What is important is to understand your unique environment and operating conditions so we can design an approach that works best for you.

How are you different from other energy cost saving companies?

Our goal is to improve the cash-flow for your company.
We take a holistic approach to your facility and apply technologies that maximize your savings while minimizing your expense. Most companies are vertically integrated. They have focus on certain technology (Lighting, Solar, HVAC etc). Our focus is to maximize the savings to our customers using the breadth of technologies and strong partnership with industry experts to provide the best value.

Can we finance this project from savings?

Absolutely! We will help you finance the project. Given that the returns are 20-30% on average, we can give you an immediate positive cash-flow.

How do you prove that your systems are savings money?

Measurement and verification is the most important engineering work that we conduct. We work closely with our customers to establish a measurement and verification protocol for your unique facility. Our methodology is drawn from and complies with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). The IPMVP was established by a network of energy professional and national organizations from over 25 countries for the purpose of standardizing the methods by which energy conservation projects are measured and verified.

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