July 19, 2017

Energy Audits

Gould Academy

Project Scope           Energy Audit,  Energy Modeling,                                                 Design and Implementation
Project Duration     Apr-July 2018
Property Type           Boarding School
Building Area            187,076 sq ft
Location                       Bethel, ME

Gunter Hotel

Project Scope           Energy Audit, Design, Implement
Project Duration    Oct 2016-June 2017
Property Type          Hotel
Building Area            272,451 sq ft
Location                       San Antonio, TX

HILTON DoubleTree Hotel

Project Scope           Energy Audit, Design, Implement
Project Duration    Mar 2015-Dec 2016
Property Type          Hotel
Building Area           218,571 sq ft
Location                      Dallas, TX

City of Killeen

Project Scope           Comprehensive Energy Audit
Project Duration    Dec 2015-Mar 2016
Property Type          Multi-facility Building
Building Area           533,747 sq ft
Location                      Killeen, TX

Shannon Medical Center

Project Scope           Energy Audit
Project Duration    Apr-Jun 2018
Property Type          Hospital
Building Area            410,448 sq ft
Location                      San Angelo, TX

DFW Business Center

Project Scope           Energy Audit,  Energy Modeling
Project Duration    Feb-May 2017
Property Type          Office Building
Building Area           640,235 sq ft
Location                      DFW Airport, TX

Cornerstone Building

Project Scope            Energy Efficiency Design for                                                         Remodel and Implementation
Project Duration     Oct 2014-May 2016
Property Type           Office Building
Building Area            10,930 sq ft
Location                        Killeen, TX

Stephens Memorial Hospital

Project Scope           Lighting Audit, Implementation
Project Duration    Aug 2014-Sep 2015
Property Type          Hospital
Building Area           147,000 sq ft
Location                      Norway, ME