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Deep Energy Reductions for Every Sector

Our extensive energy consulting experience in a wide variety of sectors enables us to find targeted solutions that address our clients’ need to reduce utility and operational costs, mitigate risks, and minimize energy consumption.

We take an integrated approach to energy conservation starting from the lobby to your guestrooms, all the way down to your parking lot and back of house — because ultimately, we know that it’s all about providing the best value and comfort to your guests while maximizing returns for your shareholders.
We can help identify the best targets for energy savings and provide both demand-side and supply-side energy solutions for your retail facility so you can improve your bottom line and deliver increased value to customers and shareholders.
Office Buildings
We have delivered 40-60% energy reduction to office buildings — from high rises to suburban developments — using our integrated approach to improving lighting, HVAC, and process controls.
We help schools and universities deal with today’s energy challenges — whether it’s dealing with aging equipment, rising maintenance costs, or tighter budgets — so they can improve their facilities and offer better services to their students.
We partner with hospitals and other healthcare facilities to reduce their energy consumption by as much as 40-60% while maintaining systems critical to patient health and safety.
We perform extensive energy audits and design solutions to enable municipalities to meet and exceed local energy efficiency requirements, realize significant overhead cost reductions, and improve energy security while maximizing their available capital budgets.
Worship Facilities
We help worship facilities find opportunities for energy reduction because every dollar saved from your operating budget means an extra dollar that can be used for expanding your frontline ministry.
We utilize energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) to finance projects for federal agencies, creating energy efficient buildings by decreasing energy consumption by 40-60% through our process of energy auditing and design-building.

Case Studies

Hilton DoubleTree hotel

CVAL Innovations did a a comprehensive evaluation of the building to identify equipment and operational inefficiencies and reduced its energy consumption by 41%.

The Gould Academy

Energy Auditors from CVAL Innovations was engaged by Gould Academy to evaluate and develop cost-effective energy conservation recommendations for eleven of Gould Academy’s buildings.

Sheraton Gunter Hotel

CVAL implemented efficiency measures and sustainable designs, that help in deep energy conservation design strategies that have reduced energy use by 28% vs. baseline design.

Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport

Our client achieved 36% reduction in energy consumption with the help of CVAL by conducting detailed engineering assessment to identify opportunities.

Killeen Civic & Conference Center

Killeen Civic & Conference Center reduced their energy consumption by 48% after implementing efficiency measures, such as lighting retrofits and HVAC Optimization, among others.

Cornerstone Building

After performing a complete renovation of their facility using deep energy conservation design strategies, Cornerstone Building achieved a 50% reduction in energy consumption.

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